Kits for Happy Brows and Glowy Skin

Browtopia® The Brow Ninja Kit


A $120 value!  The Ninja, known most prominently in legend, are associated with exceptional, sometimes superhuman abilities of stealth, shapeshifting and even control over the 5 natural elements. Fabulous, mysterious...

Browpixie in a Box

Sold Out

Seasonal “Treat”-ment Experiences by browtopia ®️. Inspired by the client lovelies who miss me, living in another state far away:  I have boxed the “essence” of browtopia from an organic...

Autumn in a Jar: For Happy Brows and Glowy Skin


For 11 years “The Big Apple and The Great Pumpkin” have been seasonal offerings at the browtopia® brow and express organic skincare studio. The demand for at home single use...

Beauty and the Brow®


Guarantee the ultimate in beauty and luxury with 24K magic and champagne brow dreams! This limited anniversary edition browgel is not only on point with the latest trend in metallic...

Browtopia and Jade Roller Brow Beauty Kit


[Browtopia x Jade Roller Beauty]: A limited edition eyebrow and skincare roller set. . JRB Rose Quartz mini brow rollers + a moonstone, licorce, sage + bourbon vanilla brow masque!...

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