Energetic Enchantment Kits for Self Care: Brows, Skin, and MORE!

Sea Nymph Summer Brow & Skin Kit


EVERYTHING you need for a seaside summer glow-up!  Did you know that seaweed (kelp) is associated with protection not just during travel, but while you navigate destinations in your life......

Browtopia® The Brow Ninja Kit


A $120 value! This Organic Brow Care Kit is filled with eco luxe, holistic, multitasking, eyebrow goodies that support regrowth, beautify brows, skin, and more! The Ninja, known most prominently in...

Lunar Love Box: Moon Cycle Care for Women


Introducing Lunar Love Boxes. Intuitive cycle self care for every stage of your moon cycle.From preovulation, to the dissent into darkness with the premenstural moon...Honoring your cycles with beauty magic...

Winter Solstice Brow & Facial Kit


[Browtopia x Jade Roller Beauty]: announce a limited edition product for Winter Solstice:     Rose Quartz mini brow/eye rollers + a reiki blessed and enchanted moonstone, marshmallow, bourbon vanilla...

Bonfire Brow Bundle

From $55.00
Sold Out

Dare to raise your fabulous & fiery brow with the BONFIRE BROW BUNDLE.   Every beautiful bonfire 🔥 needs the right kindling. Every beautiful brow needs the same. For a limited...

Beauty and the Brow®

Sold Out

Guarantee the ultimate in beauty and luxury with 24K magic and champagne brow dreams! This limited anniversary edition browgel is not only on point with the latest trend in metallic...

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