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U-to-pia\ yoo-toe-pee-ah \

n. An ideally perfect Place.

​Brow-to-pia \ brow-toe-pee-ah \

n. An ideal place providing perfection, relaxation, and wellness in a fraction of the time. Naturally.

v. Sculpting eyebrows to the perfect arch, while making sure skin is also happy and glowy.

n. Year of brow obsession which led to the realization that you can spend a fortune on makeup and have perfect technique in application, but if your brows are sub-par, the entire look is ruined; for eyebrows really do frame the face.

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Virtual Browpixie®

Virtual Browpixie®

Ready to not be dependent on makeup or microblading to achieve beautiful brows? Are you a long distance brow beauty or gent in need?

I provide “Instapix” a virtual browpixie®️ service! I will connect with you directly- to guide with direction, advice, treatment protocols, as well as brow mapping. You will submit 3 clear, closeup, photos to me in bright, natural light, via email:, or DM on instagram @browpixie. To start I should have 1, straight, head-on shot and 1 from each side view. No filters please. I will guide you as to where and where not to tweeze, via diagraming your brows. We can also have a brief face time consult and mid-way check in as well if you so choose.

This way you all can take back your power and achieve #iwokeuplikethis brows naturally. 

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