Browtopia®... otherworldly, next level, holistic brow, skin, & self care.

U-to-pia\ yoo-toe-pee-ah \

n. An ideally perfect place.

​Brow-to-pia \ brow-toe-pee-ah \

n. An ideal place providing celebration, relaxation, and wellness for the aesthetic & spirit in a fraction of the time. Magically.

n. Super-natural self care and aesthetic enchantment that is based in the balance, creativity, appreciation, and wonderment of YOU.

v. Sculpting eyebrows to the perfect arch, while making sure skin is also happy and glowy. Naturally.

n. Years of brow obsession which led to the realization that you can spend a fortune on makeup and have perfect technique in application, but if your brows are sub-par, the entire look is ruined; for eyebrows really do frame the face.

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