Browtopia®... otherworldly, next level, self care.

U-to-pia\ yoo-toe-pee-ah \

n. An ideally perfect place.

​Brow-to-pia \ brow-toe-pee-ah \

n. An ideal place providing wholistic, intuitive, wellness for your aesthetic & spirit in a fraction of the time, with celebration and authenticity. Magically.

n. Ethereal Esthetics: Super-natural self care and enchantment that is based in the balance, creativity, appreciation, and wonderment of YOU.

v. Authentically bridging the gap between self care & the BROW chakra.

"If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then their frame should be timeless. What if your self care expanded into something deeper? Relaxing, healing, celebrating, as you break generational curses, glowing in your authentic self, while elevating both the beauty and wellness that is intuitively yours?"

"It's not magic, it's browtopia."

-Brooke Sanzari, browpixie®.

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