Ethereal Esthetics

What stimulates collagen, detoxifies skin, and increases skin's circulation?

A few of my favorite things. 

They are not a luxury, but a vital necessity in the care and keeping of you! An essential ally against premature aging, skin stress, and damage. Facials can make all the difference, but this goes so much more than skin deep. From facial reflexology to reiki, redefine lasting and true beauty.

No time? No worries! As always, "fabulous" can be obtained in a fraction of the time, when the time is right in your schedule, so you can have your head in the clouds (or at least during your facial). In Browtopia, only the finest products are used and most facial offerings include handmade, organic specialties. Skin treatments should be done every 2-4 weeks, depending on your skin care goals and needs.

My treatments are designed to treat you as a whole in addition to eliminating the irritation or discomfort associated with many facials while still being "express" treatments.

These complimentary modalities provide a solid foundation, that stops the dependency of endless products and treatments. Instead, true clearing of the skin, firmness, and radiance comes from the inside out, putting an end to stagnation that causes the need for extractions, botox, peels, and more aggression.

The services listed below are customized, affordable, and time efficient.

Virtual Browpixie®

From $55.00

Ready to not be dependent on makeup or microblading to achieve beautiful brows? Are you a long distance brow beauty or gent in need? Get ready for the most unique...

Reiki Energy Healing

From $65.00

The Japanese word 'reiki' can be translated as 'universal life energy'. Reiki can do no harm, it knows no denomination, but can be applied to all beliefs of holy divinity...



Because sometimes you just need a little extra pixie dust... and divination. (See that service for details). These readings come with bespoke enchantments for super-natural self care. Magickal vibes with...

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