Browtopia® The Brow Ninja Kit


Browtopia® The Brow Ninja Kit

A $120 value! 

The Ninja, known most prominently in legend, are associated with exceptional, sometimes superhuman abilities of stealth, shapeshifting and even control over the 5 natural elements. Fabulous, mysterious and romantic - the Ninja utilized a variety of tools and weaponry. Some were commonly known, others remained more distinctive. Magical powers were essentially rooted in the Ninja's efforts to disseminate fanciful information. Perhaps, even the agile manipulation of the forces of brow nature within this kit. 

5 Elements of Browtopia:

  • Browboo™ organic balm
  • Angled bamboo brush
  • Browboo™ organic gel
  • Double-sided brush for blending
  • Brow defining powder

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