V.I.B.B. Membership Renewal

V.I.B.B. Membership Renewal

Members only perks for my brow beauties: 

The V.I.BB. Membership. 

For Very Important Brow Beauties. After 12 years I have figured out exactly how I wanted to structure this.

✨The Perks:

💫Exclusive Access to Secret Menu Services. 

💫COMPLIMENTARY Organic Eye Treatment Every Month

💫  COMPLIMENTARY Astrological/Card Reading with every service. 

💫Exclusive Discounted “Skin Saver” Express Organic Facials 

💫10% off Glow to Go Masques 

💫10% off Cloud Room Treatments 

 Long Distance Brow Beauties (as well as FL OG’s):

✨The Perks:

💫 COMPLIMENTARY Monthly Astrological/Card Reading

💫Complimentary “Ask your pixie” monthly session. (Questions, advice for all things “happy brows and glowy skin” related. New product ingredient check? I got you. Weird skin thing that is popping up? Let’s address that. What’s your opinion on the latest (insert here) is it right for me? If I don’t know- I’ll find out. ) 
💫Exclusive Monthly
DIY Facial Masque Recipes
💫10% off Experience Boxes
💫10% Virtual Browpixie (Reiki included)

$11.11 per month.

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