Specialty Organic Treatment

Specialty Organic Treatment

Subject to availability, these delicious treatments vary according to season, using the best organic ingredients available. Fabulous in every way and always customized to the individual. This treatment is approximately 50 minutes and includes a gemstone rolling facial massage.

"Cranberry Harvest” 

Browtopia is all about turkey, gravy and pies! Oh my! This month put aside 45 minutes to conquer your brows and skin, not just the bird! Impossible you say? It fights free radicals, acne, AND stimulates collagen!? Who is this caped crusader? A delightful organic cranberry, white tea, and pumpkin seed facial mask. Complete with pumpkin spice scalp, neck, and shoulder massage. 

 Kansa wand facial massage is performed for detoxification and rebalancing your skin, while jade rolling will tone and complete your facial radiance. 

This treatment will give you instant results. This express facial enlivens the senses and rejuvenates the skin in 50 minutes. 

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