Festive Facial Kits for Bespoke Beauty:
Festive Facial Kits for Bespoke Beauty:

Festive Facial Kits for Bespoke Beauty:

With not 1 BUT 2 ethereal skin care offerings!!!✨

Hot Cocoa Christmas:

Organic cocoa, holiday spice, moonstone crystal and goat milk powder paired with a cocoa bioferment activator.
Deeply nourish and moisturize, while giving your skin the antioxidants it craves. Cacao contains a high amount of Vitamin C and magnesium, as well as omega 6 fatty acids, which helps with cellular healing. Cacao has a raw enzyme, which helps in repairing the cell and its rejuvenation. It will also help and improve conditioning and hydration to the skin protecting it from TEWL. And because these are made by @browpixie - moonstone crystal powder has been added for the ultimate energetic GLOW UP for your skin! Curl up with instantly smoother, softer, skin with a warm, fuzzy, festive feeling that GLOWS Bright!


Sugar Plum Pixie:

No visions of sugar plums dancing in your head? Put dull, dry, and upset skin on the naughty list. Organic licorice & marshmallow root soothe, soften, and reduce inflammation. Marshmallow root is a pure form of hyluronic acid, creating a hydration holiday! While a kakadu plum activator delivers a glow and prevents you from looking like the grinch this holiday season.
The Kakadu Plum fruit has the highest known Vitamin C concentration of any single natural food source in the world.
Vegan friendly.

Each box will be different. I will be including surprise goodies with each box. When you order, please note if you prefer a non-Christmas holiday box & treats. I have all different, festive, boxes to use. I just have a thing for magical reindeer... 

* All facial masks are reiki-blessed and enchanted with festive blessings for each ingredient. 

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