Autumn brow and facial mask in a glass pumpkin shaped jar
Autumn in a Jar: For Happy Brows and Glowy Skin

Autumn in a Jar: For Happy Brows and Glowy Skin

For over 11 years “The Big Apple and The Great Pumpkin” have been seasonal offerings at the browtopia® brow and express organic skincare studio. The demand for at home single use “treat”-ments was so overwhelming...
Your wishes are granted again this year. 
Organic apple greatness paired with a pumpkin mushroom dehydrosome for #happybrows and #glowyskin 
By browtopia®
Apple peels packed with vitamins and minerals that soothe and moisturize both the skin and eyebrows. While “The Great Pumpkin” in this masque will support the same, without exfoliating, acting as an accelerator, helping the areas applied to absorb nutrients quickly. Immune and antioxidant support from mushrooms gives your brows and skin the love and support they need to achieve “I woke up like this status.”

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