Skin Treatments

What stimulates collagen, detoxifies skin, and increases skin's circulation? Facials.

They are not a luxury, but a vital necessity in the care and keeping of you! An essential weapon in the fight against premature aging and skin damage - a result of our unavoidable enemy, free radicals - facials make all the difference.

No time? No worries! As always, "fabulous" can be obtained in a fraction of the time, so you can have your head in the clouds (or at least your facial). In Browtopia, only the finest products are used and most treatments include handmade, organic specialties. Skin treatments should be done every 2-6 weeks, depending on your skin care goals and needs. My treatments are designed to treat you as a whole in addition to eliminating the irritation or discomfort associated with many facials while still being "express" treatments.

Therefore, no extractions are included. Instead, true clearing of the skin comes from proper facial massage techniques, putting an end to stagnation that causes the need for extractions. If they are needed, a tailored treatment will be designed allowing more time.

The services listed below are customized, affordable, and time efficient.

Dien Chan Zone Facial Multireflexology

From $35.00

Dien Chan Zone Facial Multireflexology via Mirror Medicine.For wellness and aesthetic that goes more than “skin deep”. Address your internal systems, re-balance, rejuvenate, treat pain, and more. Non-invasively. Become autonomous...

V.I.B.B. Membership


Members only perks for my brow beauties:  The V.I.BB. Membership.  For Very Important Brow Beauties. After 12 years I have figured out exactly how I wanted to structure this. ✨The...

Reiki Energy Healing


The Japanese word 'reiki' can be translated as 'universal life energy'. The system I use is a way of working with the healing of self to regain harmony and wholeness. You,...

Express Organic Treatment


This treatment is designed with the unique individual in mind. The overall health and appearance of the complexion is a clear reflection of well being. Therefore, this treatment is customized...

Phoenix Rising


For the overcooked, abused and chronically parched face. Let the inner beauty of your skin rise from the ashes with this intensive antioxidant treatment. Hydrate, repair and moisturize your way...



The ultimate in hangover treatments, when the "hair of the dog" is just not enough. Bright citrus aromatherapy is paired with a mango cleansing and an amazing antioxidant mask. Detox...

Specialty Organic Treatment


Subject to availability, these delicious treatments vary according to season, using the best organic ingredients available. Fabulous in every way and always customized to the individual. This treatment is approximately...

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