Necessary Evils

Browtopia proudly uses the Nufree Nudesse system to ensure complete hair removal and skin safety. This system does not adhere to the skin but instead uses the natural oils of the hair as its vehicle resulting in no stress or damage to the area of application. Meticulous hair removal is not attained from waxing or sugaring, but from a botanical soy formula that is both anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.

Be sure to drink plenty of water and for my more "cowardly clientele", don't be a hero, take two advil or tylenol 30-45 minutes prior to your service. Please note that any method of hair removal the week before or during your menstrual cycle will result in more sensitivity. Redness, swelling, increase in discomfort and "water welts" are a possible reaction. Water welts are a result of the empty hair follicle filling up with water from an excess retention in the skin at this time.

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