The Lore of Love Enchantment Box
The Lore of Love Enchantment Box
The Lore of Love Enchantment Box
The Lore of Love Enchantment Box

The Lore of Love Enchantment Box

A gentle reminder of love. What if Cupid was a calling to your higher self? A love letter to you from you?
Cupid is really you. Every offering inside this box aides you to accept your own healing love. Your bright love light,attracting your truest desires.
Nothing, absolutely nothing, can make skin glow brighter and brows be more happy than being in love.
In love with your life, yourself, and the love of the present and what’s yet to come.

Beautiful enchantment for your ethereal esthetic is being whipped up by yours truly... Just for the occasion.

If anyone can package that up and bottle it, it’s a pixie.
For “A faery’s heart beats fierce & free...”


• Love Potion #5 Facial Masque Set: A gemstone- infused herbal cacoa blend encased in a hand blown Egyptian glass perfume bottle.

• Adoration Hydrosol: Rose, mint, & moonstone gem infused spritz with 528 hz love frequency energy.

• Browboo®️Balm: Soothe your heart, brows, & skin with energetically charged ingredients. Aloe attracts love, bamboo to break hexes and obtain luck. Rosemary- protection, exorcise past relationships that don’t serve you, love, lust, & healing. Sunflower for wishes. Rice for protection & fertility. Cranberry for love, healing, & abundance.

• Lucky in Love Incense Powder: Notes of Rice, sugar, nutmeg, rose, ginger, and earthy herbs.

• Clearly Smitten: Cacao Mint Damiana Herbal Tea.

Each item is Reiki Blessed, sealed with the corresponding enchantments & charged with Higher Self, faery, dragon & goddess energy.


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