Winter Solstice Brow & Facial Kit

Winter Solstice Brow & Facial Kit

[Browtopia x Jade Roller Beauty]: announce a limited edition product for Winter Solstice:



Rose Quartz mini brow/eye rollers + a reiki blessed and enchanted moonstone, marshmallow, bourbon vanilla brow & facial masque! Marshmallow root calms, soothes and hydrates skin & eyebrows as does rose quartz. 

Moonstone is a stone of balancing relaxation that also opens Heart♥ + Sacral chakras to stimulate inner growth with intuition for it’s holder.

 Together they aide in hair regrowth, boosting cell regeneration, while soothing sensitivities with hormonal + emotional imbalances. Hydrating and brightening... This moonstone masque is the perfect compliment + enhancement to the benefits of rose quartz.

 Winter Solstice & Yule represents rebirth, reflection, celebration, + ritual. Remember, the darkness is where the brightest lights are born...

For centuries, + still today, the celebration of Yule (the rebirth of the sun, while welcoming the winter) occurs during this time. Thus, making it the ideal time to celebrate the rebirth of your light within, with gemstones of love, healing, and prophecy. 



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