Organic Cranberry Frost 3-1 Body Wash

Organic Cranberry Frost 3-1 Body Wash

This fresh and festive organic cranberry fragrance blend will leave you Merry & Bright in minutes! My liquid Castile soap base is made with saponified oils of coconut and olive, aloe vera gel and rosemary oil extract (used as an antioxidant). This superior quality castile is very mild (pH 9.2-9.9), does not dry out the skin, and can be used for bath, shower, and hair wash. Reiki blessed with festive intentions for each ingredient. Enchantments of wealth, healing, love, protection, & beauty.

Lined paper spout pouch packaging gives our Earth warmer, fuzzier, less plastic feels, while keeping your toes safe if you drop it in your shower...

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