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"Treat"-ments for Happy Brows‏ 

MOST first time brow appointments include both an Eyebrow Consult AND The Highbrow Express. Please inform the browpixie® of any changes regarding your skin care regiments and medications. Topical acne and anti-aging treatments need to be disclosed to me as well, so we can adjust your treatments accordingly. I insist on a 3 day grace period in between the use of these topical treatments and your appointment, to avoid unnecessary irritation and inflammation.

Browtopia® offers customized express organic treatments to fit even the most hectic of schedules. Browtopia® proudly uses the Nufree Nudesse system to ensure complete hair removal and skin safety. This system does not adhere to the skin but instead uses the natural oils of the hair as its vehicle resulting in no stress or damage to the area of application. Paired with my own signature post-care organic serum, only ingredients that are natural, pharmaceutical grade, or organically grown are used to calm and soothe the skin, reducing the impact of environmental stress and sensitivity. Each service is customized to fit your individual needs, finishing with my organic post-care protocol that includes jade/gemstone rolling for the best results possible.

 “If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then their frame should be timeless.” - Brooke Sanzari, Browpixie®

Virtual Browpixie®

From $55.00

Ready to not be dependent on makeup or microblading to achieve beautiful brows? Are you a long distance brow beauty or gent in need? Get ready for the most unique...

Eyebrow Consult


For the "unhappy brow". A full, “wholistic” consultation with the browpixie including future brow design, arch assessment and treatment plan.

V.I.B.B. Membership


Members only perks for my brow beauties:  The V.I.B.B. Membership.  For Very Important Brow Beauties.  ✨The Perks: 💫 Crystal membership jewelry sent upon joining. Because that’s how the browpixie rolls.  💫...

V.I.B.B. Membership Renewal


Members only perks for my brow beauties:  The V.I.BB. Membership.  For Very Important Brow Beauties. After 12 years I have figured out exactly how I wanted to structure this. ✨The...

Reiki Energy Healing


The Japanese word 'reiki' can be translated as 'universal life energy'. The system I use is a way of working with the healing of self to regain harmony and wholeness. You,...

The Highbrow Express

Sold Out

Anything but traditional eyebrow sculpting for the discriminating brow. Includes the browpixie's method of botanical soy hair removal, trimming, tweezing, and gemstone roller, as well as organic post care. Excellent...

The Ultimate Quickie

Sold Out

Perfect for those "on the go" who don't have the time for fluff. During an enzyme facial exfoliation and signature browpixie cleanup is included, leaving you refreshed and ready to...

The Browpixie's Specialty Quickie

Sold Out

The Specialty Quickie: Seasonal facial multitasking and more paired with the very best in brow care. In around 20 minutes. A glow up for the everyday with seasonal farm to...

The Cupcake Quickie

Sold Out

The sweetest brow and express skin “treat”ment in the world, just the way you like it - guilt and calorie free. This match made in heaven includes a dark chocolate...

Brow Bar

Sold Out

This signature browpixie experience allows you to customize your "treat"-ment, ala carte! Build your own eyebrow "cocktail", to enhance your Highbrow Express appointment. All bar ingredients and offerings will vary...

Hope...In 30 Minutes

Sold Out

Faith, trust, and browpixie dust - For the "traumatized brow", follicles despair no more... This treatment includes "Mirror Medicine" Dien Chan multi-reflexology, brow serum application, jade roller massage and mask....

The Pampered Brow

Sold Out

The ultimate in eyebrow care and keeping... Add some browpixie dust and take the Highbrow Express to paradise with this signature Browtopia indulgence. Includes Highbrow Express, organic eye treatment, compress,...

The Fancy Chicken

Sold Out

"Get Cocky" and shake a tail feather. The most fabulous game day brow bedazzling in Soda City.

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